Our History

Transforming the Travel Narrative
AFARI Travels & Tours is a start-up Destination Management Company registered as a Private Limited Liability Company in Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act with the registration number (RC 1633178) on the 14th of November 2019.
Our vision is to transform how people experience travel & tourism by adopting an eco-friendly approach coupled with exciting and learning experiences that impacts the way people see the world.

The Company

Who We Are

AFARI Travels & Tours as a Destination Management Company is committed to providing luxury-styled travel management and tours. Our services include tours, visa processing assistance, travel planning, accommodation, airport transfers, international money transfers, ticketing, VIP concierge & charter services.

AFARI means “Impact” -as the name suggests; AFARI Travels & Tours is dedicated to impacting on clients through a transforming experience that opens a new narrative to travels & tourism within and beyond Africa.

Our clientele consists of individual, business, government and organization-based clients.

We advocate for sustainable lifestyle & live it!

Mission Statement

What Do We Do

It is our purpose to transform how travels & tourism is experienced by making luxury-travel affordable through sustainable & eco-friendly practices.

We make every Kobo count as a satisfaction to our client. Therefore, we optimise our processes and structure by investing in technology & leveraging on quality partnerships.

We believe in prioritising our clients, professionalism, building reliable Partnerships, Constant Evaluation & Improvements.

CSR Planet before Profit

We actively support empowerment to enhance individuals and their potential within the community. Part of our primary focus is eco-friendly practices & advocacy for sustainable living.


Center for Research & Sustainable Capacity Development (Our Partners for CSR)

Our approach wings on taking initiatives for education empowerment, prevention of diseases, socio-political concerns, to using environment-friendly techniques of operations through the use of renewable resources, 95% paperless office & recycling. Also, we combine fair employee treatment, proper resource management to attain employee satisfaction; this includes fair remuneration, providing specialized training and benefits in the form of fitness and health programs.

Gender equality and bridging the gap between our diverse cultures also aids in maintaining the CSR balance.

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