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Know Our Package Types


Our Preset Packages are designed to offer flexibility and customization for travelers. They exclude flight ticket and visa processing costs (with the exception of Singapore packages) and provide a versatile travel itinerary. These packages allow you to choose any specified number of nights within a valid travel period. For example, you can opt for a 4-night stay in Marrakesh anytime between May and August, providing you with the freedom to select the most convenient dates within the validity period.

Preset packages typically includes, accommodation, airport & ground transfers, tours, concierge & other included items as stated. 

Open Group Trips (OGT)

Our Open Group Trips (OGT) are pre-arranged travel packages hosted and organized by Afari Travels & Tours. These packages come with fixed travel dates and are open to all interested travelers. OGT packages usually include comprehensive services such as flight arrangements, visa processing, airport transfers, guided tours, and additional amenities specified in the package components.

This packages are some times featured in the Event section of our website on https://afaritravels.com/events/

Personalised or Bespoke

For travelers seeking a tailor-made travel experience, we offer Personalized or Bespoke Packages. These packages are customized based on your specific travel requirements, including travel dates, budget constraints, preferred travel components, and trip expectations. To initiate the creation of a personalized package, we kindly request you to complete a Request Form. This form provides us with the necessary details to craft a unique travel experience that perfectly aligns with your needs and preferences.

At Afari Travels & Tours, we offer a range of meticulously crafted travel packages to cater to diverse travel preferences. These packages are thoughtfully designed to accommodate various travel needs and are categorized as follows:

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