Corporate Social Responsibility

PLANET before Profit

We are committed to the social, economic and environmental development of our region. We actively support empowerment to enhance individuals and their potential within the community. Part of our primary focus is eco-friendly practices & advocacy for sustainable living.

Our approach wings on taking initiatives for education empowerment, prevention of diseases, socio-political concerns. In our daily operation, we make a conscious effort to be eco-friendly and also create a positive work environment were growth, creativity and critical thinking are encouraged.

At Afari Travels & Tours, we continue to support & volunteer for causes that bring about an improved and sustainable lifestyle. We remain open to collaborations that bring about impact in the society and for personnel as well.

Social Icons. Combating mis and dis information on COVID-19

Partnership with UNESCO to Curb False Information on COVID-19

8.05.2020 - Sensitization against Dis- and Mis-information on COVID-19 in the non-Sahel West Africa Region.

False information threatens not only individuals but also societies as a whole. We collaborate with UNESCO to organise a “CALL FOR JINGLES AGAINST DIS AND MIS-INFORMATION ON COVID-19”. Read More.

Open COVID-19 Statistics Portal

15.04.2020 - Verified statistics and graphs for Corona Virus.

In an effort to enable people track the statistics on the Corona virus pandemic, we decided to set up a “COVID-19 Update” portal providing accurate information on the statistics of COVID-19 in Nigeria and the world. Read More.


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