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We have developed an efficient & affordable approach to deliver a fast-tracked process that not only provides education, support & guidance on arrival but also an opportunity for Naturalisation.

Our fast-tracked processing offers numerous benefits and makes the process easy and achievable. We practice collaboration and professional experience in application and determining the choice for study to ensure your goal is realised. Our processes are guaranteed above 95% and you do not need IELTS or a similar English examination to qualify for admission.


Affordable Tuition/ Instalment Payment Plan – The affordable tuition fees for your desired programme range from £12,000.00 – £15,000.00 with an instalment payment plan. Also, we secure scholarships of a minimum of £2,000.00 to cut on your tuition fees. Besides, you don’t have to pay all your tuition fees before arrival.

Assistance with “Work & Study” – We assist with support & guidance in getting requirements for jobs and assist with sourcing jobs through our partners in the UK who review your current credentials, then, offer advice and links to possible employers.

2-Years Post Study Visa – The UK government has provided a post-study 2-years visa for all students who come in through the student program. This is to enable you to secure a job upon graduation and aid naturalisation.

Visa Support – Get experience consultation & guidance on your visa application to ensure the best result.

Support & Guidance on arrival – Our representatives in the UK assist with on-ground logistics such as sourcing affordable accommodation, airport transfers and onboarding into the school.

Support for Proof of Funds – Financial advice on required statement and funding.

Procedure & Timeline

First, you begin by paying the Application and Admission Processing (AAP) fee which varies for different schools ranging from N200,000.00 – N250,000.00. This fee also covers your visa consultation process and preparation from start to finish.

We help reduce admission processing time from months to about two weeks.

  1. Admission is processed after the initial deposit of school fees;
  2. Proof of funds for 28-days;
  3. Issuance of Confirmation of Acceptance of Study (CAS);
  4. Visa processing;
  5. Flight to the UK.

List of Institutions
The following are our list of our top pick institutions; however, you can choose any institution in the UK outside the list below.

  1. University of Plymouth
  2. Birmingham City University
  3. Robert Gordon University, Scotland
  4. Greenwich University London
  5. University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  6. Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  7. University of Exeter
  8. University of Sheffield
  9. University of Leicester
  10. Sheffield Hallam University.


Simple Steps

You will need the following documents to start the process:

  1. Original results, WAEC/NECO, BSC, WAEC scratch card;
  2. Birth Certificate/Affidavit Declaration of age;
  3. International Passport Data Page;
  4. Your Motivation Letter/statement of purpose;
  5. First Degree (e.g., Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering) Academic transcript;
  6. Academic Reference Letter from your school or a professor on a letterheaded document (Optional);
  7. Your CV;
  8. Other professional certifications or document are a plus.


Academic Calendar

UK Schools are operated mostly for September Entry & January Entry.


Is there an age limit for application?

No, there is no age limit for application. What is most important is meeting the basic requirements stated by the institution.

Do you assist with getting a job?

Yes, however pro bono, we assist with sourcing jobs through our partners in the UK who review your current credentials and then offer advice and possible employers.

When can I start working?

You can start immediately you arrive in the UK as your visa permits. As a student, you have a right to work in the UK.

What if I already have personal accommodation plans?

Sure, you can choose institutions that are close to your accommodation which may be a relative, friend or arrangement of your choice.

Can I get a scholarship with Second-class lower or below?

No, you can’t get a scholarship. The scholarship opportunities are reserved for Second-class Upper or higher.

Are there special scholarship opportunities?

Yes, although special scholarship depends on the course, nonetheless, they are determined upon arrival and commencement of the program.

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